Hello there!

I have just come to the end of my first 2 weeks working on the @ACCORD_project and my has it flown past! Already I have been up at Glasgow Cathedral playing with lasers, and have learnt to create 3D models of buildings using photographs taken with my own camera and iphone.

I am a trained field archaeologist and love getting my trowel muddy. So how did I find myself here, surrounded by whiz-kids at the digital design studio? Well, my own fascination with the potential of digital methods came to the fore when I was based at the National Museum of Scotland and helped design a popular online 3D platform for a crowd-sourced project which aimed to refit thousands of fragments from the hacked-off face of the Hilton of Cadboll Pictish Stone (go to http://www.pictishpuzzle.co.uk to find out more). This is a truly democratic attempt to piece together the past, only made possible in a digital world. More and more, digital technology is becoming recognised as an incredibly helpful tool for recording, preserving and communicating the past (check out the very exciting Scottish Ten project http://www.scottishten.org). However, in the main projects have been carried out by specialists, and remain in the field of experts.

Uniquely, at the heart of the ACCORD project is the co-design ethos. Together with local communities we will digitally document and capture the stories of significant heritage monuments, in ways appropriate to that community’s needs, hopes and desires. I am excited to see the various outcomes of what we create together- watch this space!

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