Dumby goes 3D!

Mhairi, ACCORD RA, having a go at a HVS traverse at Dumby. Need to get training...

Mhairi, ACCORD RA, having a go at a HVS traverse at Dumby!

Our next project will be at Dumbarton Rocks, near Glasgow, from the 7th to the 10th of July.

Our interest is not the castle which sits atop these rocks, but the majestic rocks themselves and their modern heritage, particularly as world famous climbing venue (http://www.dumby.info/)!  If you frequent the rocks (as a climber, graffitti tagger or as a place to hang-out) we want to hear from you!

Contact M.Maxwell@gsa.ac.uk for the details on how to get involved.

John Stewart-Watson, who publishes climbing guides on the area and has been climbing here for c.20 years writes (http://stonecountry.blogspot.co.uk/):

I have been going on for years about Dumbarton Rock being one of our finest examples of modern ‘sporting heritage’, a kind of living history and an example of community ‘ownership’ (I use this in the least possessive sense) through simple occupation and use, under the shadow of more static heritage (I mean no disrespect to Historic Scotland and the castle!). It’s how we create identity after all and is part of the greater weave of history, but seen from the ground-up and the everyday.

One of the most exciting projects around is a community-history project with the acronym ACCORD, which stands for Archaeology Community Co-Production of Research Data.

What does this mean? Well, for climbers, it means we are gathering a group in early July to photograph the boulders and maybe the crag, with loaned equipment and cameras, to create 3D records/models of the blocs. When the processing is complete, along with interviews, written material and interpretation, we’ll have a full archaeology of our climbing heritage.

We’ll also have Creative Commons rights to use the material, imagine a 3D topo! Better still, we’ll be able to plug the data into 3D printers and print out our very own Eagle Bloc. Not a bad paperweight to have on your desk at work!
– John Stewart-Watson, Thurs 15th May 2014 –

The majesty of Dumbarton Rocks.

The majesty of Dumbarton Rocks.


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