Castlemilk 3D challenge!

Last Saturday (7th of June) the ACCORD team took part in the Heritage Weekend at Castlemilk. We set ourselves quite the challenge! …To make a 3D virtual model of a 19th Century ornate fireplace hewn out of oak.

The following info on the biography of this fireplace came from talking with Mark Roberts Community Heritage Manager at Glasgow Museums, Richard Bolton the Community Woodland Officer for Castlemilk, and local historian Susan Casey. Thank you! The Castlemilk History Facebook page is very richly researched, a mine of information. Also the site record for Castlemilk House on Canmore (RCAHMS); 

This 19th Century masterpiece once belonged to the grand Manor House of the Stuarts.

This 19th Century masterpiece once belonged to the grand Manor House of the Stuarts.

This baronial style fireplace was once part of a grand manor house which stood in the heart of Castlemilk. The house saw heavy renovations in the 18th and 19th Centuries, but  had been the seat of the Stuart family since the 15th Century. The estate remained in the Stuart family, who claimed lineage to Mary Queen of Scots, up until it was sold to the City in 1936. The house then became a children’s home before finally in 1969 it was almost totally demolished to help provide for the housing shortage in Glasgow. The Castlemilk History Group campaigned to save this oak ‘treasure’ and now it takes pride of place in the surviving refurbished stables.

The spectacular scene here depicts the 1429 Siege of Orleans, and the Stuart’s family claims to royalty. Two members of the Castlemilk Stuarts died in this battle; Sir William Stuart and Sir John Stuart. This was Joan of Arc’s decisive victory over the English- that may be her depicted at the bottom of the central panel with helmet off and wavy wild hair about to whallop the fallen knight on horseback. On closer inspection you’ll also notice that the sword blades are missing- there are memories of naughty kids who lived in the house during the 40s and 50s clambering up the fireplace to steal props for games of swords and daggers!

In an amazing state of preservation- the carving looks as though it were done yesterday- the dynamic 3-dimensional scenes made this an ideal challenge for us to record virtually in 3D. With the help of some willing volunteers and our Magic Pole onto which we can safely attach a camera to get up high, overlapping photographs of the fireplace were taken at varied angles. These were then stitched together in a clever programme called Agisoft photoscan…Phew. Success. Click here CMilk fireplace to open a 3D pdf file of the model (make sure you have the latest Adobe pdf Reader installed). Select and spin it around!

In fact altogether, this took only 28 photos to capture this scene and less than half an hour to process! Easy peasy.

Model made with photographs taken on a Nikon D5300 and generated using Agisoft Photoscan.

Model made with photographs taken on a Nikon D5300 and generated using Agisoft Photoscan.

There are regular heritage and woodland activities and events in Castlemilk- check out the Friends of Castlemilk Park Facebook page for more information. If getting muddy and dirty is also your bag, keep an eye out for opportunities here to get digging in the estate grounds!

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