King of the Castle!

The Accord crew were back with the How Old Are Yew group in Castlemilk this week where we met with Kenny Hunter who is the artist responsible for the sculpture ‘King of the Castle’ and – we can proudly boast- a Glasgow School of Art alumni! Since it was erected in 1999, the artwork has enjoyed a rich and varied life – sometimes a proud Rangers supporter and other days a committed Celtic fan!! This rascal is much loved by the local community, and was chosen by the ‘How Old Are Yew’ Castlemilk history group to be modeled in 3D. You can find a work-in-progress PDF of our 3D model in the attachment (download the attachment to your computer, open in the latest Adobe PDF, and be amazed!).KingoftheCastle2_3_11_14

Jean Devlin, a member of the ‘How Old Are Yew’ group did a wee bit of extra research and wrote on the Castlemilk History facebook page:

The King of the Castle has had a wee restoration done on him just recently …
After further research by the Castlemilk History Group today, we found out that this was the caption which was on the original coating at the foot of “The King of The Castle”… “Somewhere in the distance is my Future”… It was written by a member of the Castlemilk writer’s group at the time, of which Des Dillon was the writer in residence …


King of the Castle, Kenny Hunter, 1999.

The How Old Are yew history group taking photographs and speaking with artist Kenny Hunter.

The How Old Are yew history group taking photographs and speaking with artist Kenny Hunter.

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