Thank You For Taking Part!

In these past 18 months ACCORD has worked together with 10 groups across the length and breadth of Scotland, created over 50 GB of data including 17 fantastic 3D models and 23 Reflectance Transformation Images. We have had over 4,000 hits on our blog and have amassed 400 followers on Twitter. And snooker ball sales in Scotland have gone through the roof (only kidding!). Think it’s fair to say we have started something…

A huge thank you to all who have participated in ACCORD, contributed to the blog, and passed on knowledge and skills to others- we hope that the conversation continues. If you would like to contribute something to the blog in the future we will keep it open for business. Please send along text, media and images to or

The ACCORD archive is now in its final stage of preparations for uploading onto the Archaeology Data Service where it will be accessible for all to use freely under a Creative Commons License. We are the first project of its kind in Scotland to create such a varied resource of 3D digital data of all types of heritage (from rock-art to rock-climbs) chosen, designed and made by communities themselves. These models, enriched with statements of social significance, are the legacy of ACCORD.ACCORD

smiley happy people

Keep clicking and sharing!

Signing off for now,

Mhairi, Stuart, Alex, Cara and Sian

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